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Corporate fitness solutions for small businesses

Support your employees' health and improve team spirit! With corporate fitness, your employees can access Europe's largest, most flexible and diverse sports offer – all with just one membership.

United across Europe

In the summer of 2019, OneFit joined forces with Urban Sports Club, making it the largest flexible sports membership provider in Europe. We are as of now a unified brand, ready to provide the ultimate, holistic experience for our customers.

Healthier employees through corporate fitness

Sport reduces stress

With the right company fitness offer, your employees will stay physically fit and mentally strong at all times.

Sport has a preventive effect

Physical discomforts and mental stress can be actively prevented with sport and wellness.

Sport makes fit & active

By offering sports, you invest in your employees' health, help them stay active and support their productivity.

Make sports affordable again

Research has shown that 26% of employees will workout more if employer contributes in costs.

How to get your company started

  • 1.
    Choose your options

    Select the monthly options that suits your employees and company best.

  • 2.
    Complete your collaboration agreement

    Fill in your company info and finalize your collaboration agreement!

  • 3.
    Inform your employees

    We'll set up a company registration site where your employees can register.

info icon Info about tax advantages (WKR) can be found below

For employees

  • 1.

    We'll set up a dedicated registration site with your company logo where your employees can sign up.

  • 2.
    Choose a membership plan

    Depending on your employees' needs, they can choose between the Online, Start or Original membership plans. You'll find the details below.

  • 3.
    Get started right away

    Employees can book classes, check in on-site or view online lessons.

Your employees choose their membership plan


per 30 days

  • 4 workouts
  • Free online classes


per 30 days

  • 10 workouts 16 workouts*
  • Free online classes
* You get 6 extra workouts with a business membership compared to consumer membership


per 30 days

  • 60 online classes
  • 15+ different categories
  • 4K quality and streaming possibility
  • Unlimited access
Extra workouts available from €3 per workout.

2 options for our pricing model

For you as an employer

Monthly contribution per active member

No commitment needed, the company only pays per active member. Choose a contribution that suits your company.

All prices include VAT.

What employees pay

Online monthly contribution

Your employees can switch to the Online membership. The amount you pay as an employer stays the same.

Start membership

For this membership, employees will pay the following contribution to OneFit.

Original membership

Your employees can upgrade to Original. The amount you pay as an employer stays the same.


All prices include vat.

info icon Employees pay their contribution directly to OneFit.

For more information, visit our FAQ

Tax information

In The Netherlands organisations have the possibility to give employees tax free allowances, such as a company fitness membership. This is called the WKR (WerkKostenRegeling). For each company this free allowance is different. For more information please consult your tax advisor.

Next steps


    Simple onboarding
    We'll set up a dedicated company registration page for your employees, and email you all the info you need to get started.


    Dedicated support
    Our Customer Success team is available anytime to answer your questions.

Read from our happy customers

"Inside Helloprint we've created a program called HelloVitality 2022. The aim is to help all Helloprinters to build a healthy lifestyle. Onefit has collaborated with our aim. Making more colleagues stay active week over week. We have a group chat with more than 20 people where we shared our workouts. Plus, a few weeks ago, Onefit booked a whole gym for us! We did a crazy (but worthy) bootcamp in Spartaan Circuit here in Rotterdam."


"OneFit and Swapfiets are working together to get employees moving. Swapfiets employees use OneFit to try different gyms. We want to keep stimulating our employees to keep moving and increase the productivity at work."


Let's go!

To get started, please fill in the following information.

By clicking on "Send" I give my consent to the processing of my data by OneFit Unlimited B.V. and take note of the data protection provisions and my right of revocation.

Frequently asked questions

After finalizing your cooperation agreement, you’ll receive an email with the most important information about your company's new corporate fitness offer, as well as a link to a dedicated registration page with your company logo. Here, your employees can register for their desired membership. Using the OneFit app, employees can then select their desired sport or activity and check in directly with the partner venue – both on-site and online.
After signing the cooperation agreement, your company will receive a link to a dedicated registration page where employees can sign up. On this page, employees can choose a membership and sign up directly.
The costs vary individually depending on the agreement. The company pays a fixed contribution for each registered employee or uses the tax reduction scheme. In most cases, employees also pay a portion of their membership, unless the company opts to cover the entire cost.
In most cases the company's cooperation with OneFIt is tax deductible via the tax allowance WKR. If you have any questions, please contact a tax professional, as OneFit cannot provide professional, individual tax advice.
The difference in the membership plans are the amount of times you can do a workout. So with Start you can do 4 workouts per 30 days, with Regular 16 workouts and Online unlimited.
Of course we hope that as many employees as possible will take advantage of our flexible sports and wellness offer. However, there is no minimum number of registrations required.
For companies, the collaboration agreement terms and notice period can be found in the agreement. Our agreements normally have a term of twelve months with a notice period of six weeks. Employees can cancel their membership independently on a monthly basis via their accounts. The notice period is three days before the end of the current billing period.


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