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Corporate fitness for small businesses

Support your employees' health and improve team spirit! With corporate fitness, your employees can access Germany's largest, most flexible and diverse sports offer – all with just one membership.

Our offer

Want to know how corporate fitness from Urban Sports Club works? Check out our video to learn everything you need to know about working with us, and how corporate fitness can support the health of your employees.

How to get your company started

  • 1.
    Choose your contribution amount

    Select the monthly contribution that suits your employees and company best.

  • 2.
    Complete your collaboration agreement

    Fill in your company info and finalize your collaboration agreement!

  • 3.
    Inform your employees

    We'll set up a company registration site where your employees can register.

info icon Information on special tax savings can be found below.

For employees

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    We'll set up a dedicated registration site with your company logo where your employees can sign up.

  • 2.
    Choose a membership plan

    Depending on your employees' needs, they can choose between the M Business and L Business membership plans. You'll find the details below.

  • 3.
    Get started right away

    Employees can book courses right away and check in on-site. Live Classes and On-demand Classes can be found easily via web browser.

Your employees choose their membership plan

M Business

  • 6,000+ venues in Germany
  • 50+ sports and wellness offers
  • Unlimited access to On-demand classes
  • 1 Check-in per day
  • 8 check-ins for Live Online Classes

L Business

  • 7,000+ venues in Germany
  • 50+ sports and wellness offers
  • Unlimited access to On-demand classes
  • 1 Check-in* per day
  • 8 check-ins for Live Online Classes
  • 4 Plus check-ins**
Memberships are valid in all available cities throughout Germany. Check in daily, four times or eight times per calendar month - see selected partner profiles for details. A cancellation period of three working days before the end of the current billing period applies.
*Visit partner venues on-site and check in with your smartphone. For online offers, book your course via web browser.
**Plus check-ins are limited check-ins that are significantly more expensive than regular check-ins. Those include wellness (saunas and massages), EMS, boutique studios, and cryotherapy, to mention a few. With an L membership, you have 4 Plus check-ins per month included in your regular check-ins. Your massage limits are included in the Plus check-ins count.

Our pricing model

What employers pay

Monthly contribution per active member

Don't worry - you'll only be charged when your employees register. Choose a contribution amount.

All prices include tax.

What employees pay

Monthly contribution for M Business

For this membership, employees will pay the following contribution to Urban Sports Club.

Monthly contribution for L Business

Your employees can upgrade to L Business. The amount you pay as an employer stays the same.


All prices include vat.

info icon Employees pay their contribution directly to Urban Sports Club.

For more information, visit our FAQ

Tax information

Your cooperation with Urban Sports Club is generally tax deductible through the tax allowance (€50/month). As a rule, these amounts cannot be claimed via the company health promotion scheme, as certified prevention courses are generally not included.

Because the framework conditions are different for each corporate client, we cannot offer more in-depth guidance.\nFor more information, please consult a tax professional.

Next steps


    Simple onboarding
    We'll set up a dedicated company registration page for your employees, and email you all the info you need to get started.


    Easy-to-use business portal
    Our business portal allows you to easily and effectively manage your employee memberships.


    Dedicated support
    Our Customer Success team is available anytime to answer your questions.

Here's what our happy corporate customers have to say

"As a company, we can contribute to cultivating an active lifestyle in our employees. At the same time, this partnership allows us to promote team spirit, because many Urban Sports Club offers are great for team events."


"Physical and mental health are more important than ever - with Urban Sports Club, everyone can challenge themselves and live a healthy lifestyle."

- build a rocket

"Exercise benefits our health, enables us to work more efficiently and be more productive in life. We want to give our employees that opportunity."

- Amorelie

Let's go!

To get started, please fill in the following information.

By clicking on "Next" I give my consent to the processing of my data by Urban Sports GmbH and take note of the data protection provisions and my right of revocation.

Frequently asked questions

After signing your cooperation agreement, you'll receive an email with the most important information about your company's new corporate fitness offer, as well as a link to a dedicated registration page with your company logo. Here, your employees can register for their desired membership plan (M Business or L Business). Using the Urban Sports Club app, employees can then select their desired sport or activity and check in directly with the partner venue – both on-site and online.
After signing the cooperation agreement, your company will receive a link to a dedicated registration page where employees can sign up. On this page, employees can choose between the M Business and L Business memberships and sign up directly.
The costs vary individually depending on the agreement. In principle, the company pays a fixed contribution for each registered (non-paused) employee. In most cases, employees also pay a portion of their membership, unless the company opts to cover the entire cost. Employees also have the option of upgrading their M Business membership to L Business in order to receive additional benefits.
In most cases, a company's cooperation with Urban Sports Club is tax deductible via the monthly tax allowance of 50 euros (gross). Whether the cooperation is tax deductible in your company, however, depends on various factors - for example, whether your tax allowance has already been used for other measures. As a rule, the costs cannot be claimed via workplace health promotion (WHP), as certified prevention courses are generally not included. However, each of our corporate customers is subject to different conditions, for this reason Urban Sports Club cannot offer a more in-depth answer. If you have any questions, please contact a tax professional, as Urban Sports Club cannot provide professional, individual advice on this matter.
Different membership plans offer slightly different sports offers, check-in amounts and partner studios. The M Business membership plan is the most popular and most widely used, with a large number of partner locations. Employees can also upgrade to the L Business membership plan (at their own cost) and benefit from additional services and access to our premium partners.
All partner venues and sports can be filtered by membership plan via our location search. Employees can visit over 6,000 partner locations with their M Business membership plan, and over 7,000 locations with Business L. Membership plans S and XL are only available for private members.
Of course, we hope that as many employees as possible will take advantage of our flexible sports and wellness offer. However, there is no minimum number of registrations required.
For companies, the collaboration agreement terms and notice period can be found in the agreement. Our agreements normally have a term of twelve months with a notice period of six weeks. Employees can cancel their membership independently on a monthly basis via their account. The notice period is three days before the end of the current billing period.

Have more questions? Visit our corporate fitness FAQ.


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